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Listener Guestbook

We have finally completed our guestbook! The reward for filling out the guestbook is eligibility in the Midnight Special email contests. If you aren't in our guestbook database, we cannot accept any email entries from you.

The Midnight Special Guestbook information will not be distributed to any mailing lists, either on the web or for snail mail. Our purposes are purely informational, to let the station know who is listening to the program. We will not share this information with any organization other than WFMT.

First, the mandatory fields. Please complete each of the following:

Age (don't worry, we won't tell anyone)
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How do you listen to the show? (check as many as apply):
Chicago radio

If you listen via the Internet, what is your modem speed or connection type?

And now, the completely voluntary stuff:

How many years have you been listening to the special?

Who is (are) your favorite folk performer(s)?

How did you discover the show?

Please add any other comments you have here: